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The Ugly Snowflake book cover

Micki tells the story and performs the songs on "The Ugly Snowflake" CD.


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Micki McHay at book signing event

Micki at a book signing event

Micki McHay grew up a tall, awkward, yet funny girl in Marble, Minnesota. When she was 21, Micki moved to Los Angeles where she performed in theater groups. "Snowflake" came to her on a whim when, in 1979, she was asked to write a Christmas skit for a women's music group. She sat at the piano for months creating the story and music for "The Ugly Snowflake." Her husband, Joe, Micki's biggest fan, listened every day to each new lyric and note. Joe died in 2004 but continued to inspire her to bring the snowflake back to life.


There's a Little Snowflake in all of us.