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Great 4 stars5th star Star Reviews from Barnes & Noble

"This is a cuddle-up and read story. One that makes children feel all warm and safe, learning even though we are all different, each of us is made special. Once you read this story to the kids they will continue to listen to the story and song (on the companion CD) over and over as they look at the soft winter drawings."

"This story is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book about finding strength in being different. I've read it to many students, and they all identify with the main character. What a terrific gift!"

"This title will immediately attract a child who has felt self-conscious or lacked self esteem."

"This is a lovely and gentle story which points out the greatness in everyone and that each of us has a contribution to give to the world."

"The Ugly Snowflake"

Micki McHay's inspiring children's book and CD for children of all ages.

The Ugly Snowflake chldren's book by Micki McHay

Lyrics and Music Written and Performed by Micki McHay on "The Ugly Snowflake" CD

This delightful CD will have your children singing and dancing the Snowflake dance as they delight in being unique and spectacular.

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There's a Little Snowflake in all of us.

The Ugly SnowflakeHow intricate, how beautiful, how delicate the patterns and lives of a snowflake, sometimes starting out awkward, clumsy, not knowing where to land.

Like snowflakes, we are each unique and spectacular. We are designed special just like the patterns of a snowflake.

This story and delightful companion CD deals with the anxiety of feeling different. It teaches that each person’s heart is a shining light….Look for it always.

--Micki McHay

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